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Welcome to London TV Club!

We're living in the era of 'peak tv' .
Last year there were over 400 scripted shows in the US alone. We meet up in a North London pub to talk about some of them.
We're like a book club, but for TV shows!

Some shows we watch


Primarily American 'prestige' and mid-reputable shows, streaming originals, nordic noir, animated series, classic TV and much more

Sometimes our meetings are based around a theme, and sometimes we talk about just one show for the whole evening. We agree vague talking points beforehand, but it's best when the conversation is organic.
In the past we've talked about the Upcoming Fall Schedule, Halloween Specials, Veronica Mars, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and VOD Originals and more.

GIRLS! The MeetingMarch 30, 2017
Meeting time!

If you like TV, critical theory and/or booze, then get in touch!

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